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About Vitame

Client wanted to revamp the look and feel of VitaMe and make it feel more trustworthy, science based, and high technology. Target market of the website is early adult, tech savvy, health conscious people. It provides customized vitamins recommendations according to the user’s personal health and lifestyle, after taking the FREE expert test. It a company of health junkies and who only use the highest pharmaceutical grade vitamins. Team of health and nutrition experts, health-care professionals, and professional problem-solvers working to make VitaMe the best one-stop vitamin solution.

  • My role
  • Design Direction
  • User Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Illustrations & Animations
  • Service
  • Website Design
  • Front and backend development
  • Product Management

My Role

The VitaMe website consists of several multiple pages and process including admin and members area. I started with the company branding and logo design, giving it a very natural and inspiring look. Then I did the User experience part and prototyping of the complete model of the brand. Then I touched upon the website and mobile application. All the graphics and visual communication attributes in the form, homepage and consecutive inner pages were carefully worked upon to make the user experience interactive and enjoyable. A very complex and non user-friendly form was broken down into an intuitive and simple 8-step process quiz.

The quiz approach proved to be more approachable than the form approach. The quiz involves generic questions like Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Habits etc. After all this, I started with the marketing collaterals and strategies for VitaMe. It included the Packaging, Visual Identity, Blogs, Newsletters, Articles and much more. The final website is coded and developed in HTML5, WordPress and JavaScript to make the web app responsive for large desktop and multiple screens.


My Approach

The tools I used were, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Invisionapp, Balsamiq, HTML5, WordPress and JavaScript. First of all I designed the UX flow of the process which composed of taking a Lifestyle quiz, Review the results and finally Order the Vitamins suggested by VitaMe which were specifically customised for the user.

Then I made wireframes in my sketchbook of how I wanted everything to work. And after testing the user flow, finally I added the visual language to the designs. Finally, I developed the responsive website on wordpress platform.


The Vitamin Website

The website explains the whole process associated with Customized Vitamins. The VitaMe website consists of several pager like the Homepage, Vitamin quiz page, How it works page, Our vitamins page, Education center page, Blog page and likewise. The homepage consisted of the main Call to Action button for taking up the Vitamin quiz. Further, The 3-step process consisted of Taking up the Vitamin quiz, Getting the health results and based on these results, a specially customised package is available for the users to order. The reviewing of results tells the users of their present health state and suggest them with their future goals regarding their health. It also tells the importance and working of different vitamins suggested to them after the test and how will they help in achieving their goals.

Further, the how it works page shows the complete process of taking up the quiz, getting your results and finally ordering your necessary Vitamins, all this depicted through attractive visuals. The Education center page shows the users, the importance and working of every single vitamin present. So they can expand their width of knowledge about Vitamins.


Vitamin Mobile Application

VitaMe mobile application provides the user with a one-stop solution to their health related matters and barely with some clicks, get the required Vitamins on their doorstep. A very easy to navigate application with an approachable design leading to make the user feel trustworthy of the application.


The Vitamin Quiz

VitaMe’s health quiz collects information about users lifestyle, diet, and health goals and instantly cross-checks thousands of peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies to recommend optimal nutrition plan. User can create their own daily packets of premium supplements. The main challenge here was to convert the complex long form of the Vitamin Quiz with text and fields into a very easy, clean and interactive form, so that the users feel engaged in it while filling the details. A very complex and non user-friendly form was broken down into an intuitive and simple 8-step process quiz with intresting and engaging graphics and custom vectors. The quiz approach proved to be more approachable than the form approach. The quiz involves generic questions like Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Habits etc. Successfully, I was able to crack the complex layouts into simpler UI/UX design concepts.


My Role

Client Testimonials


Beautiful eye for design, self-directed, and a pleasure to work with Naresh. His design approach was professional, result-orientated and the outcome was exceptional. For us, the best choice.

Lindsay Holden Founder & CEO, Vitame

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