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MySeaTime Seafarers

Myseatime Is a revolutionary and innovative shipping jobs website where employees can fine jobs, intreact and do a lot more things. Applying to a Sea job has never been so easy. MySeaTime you can create your sea profile in seconds by just uploading your updated DG shipping profile. Connect and collaborate with other seafarers to know their interests. You can help them find an answer to their questions or seek answers to your own. Indian shipping industry to the next level by embracing innovative ideas, which originates from our extensive research to find problems, smarter thinking to find smart solutions and will power to take it to the next level.

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  • Design Direction
  • User Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Illustrations & Animations
  • Service
  • Website Design
  • Front and backend development
  • Product Management

My Role

The approach to designing MySeatime website was minimalistic, yet effective. I was asked to design a platform which was no less than a one-stop solution for all the Seafarers. My idea was to create an easy to navigate platform which is efficient enough for the seafarers to interact, find jobs, post questions and answers and a lot more. So I started my work with some user research, then I jumped onto developing UX wireframes and finally, added visual language to the designs which came out to be quite convincing and approachable.


Myseatime Website

In the website, I managed to create a very seamless user flow for the Seafarer’s, which not just saved their time, but allowed them to find jobs very easily. The steps for job application were quite simple- creating profile, Finding realistic job vacancies and ultimately generating company- specific application form. The website showcased some interesting features and pages like the seaQA (Seafarer’s Questions Answers), a personalised dashboard for each Seafarer, Up-to-date blogs and a huge list of Companies as well. To make the brand human, I focused strongly on bold testimonials and real comments from real customers across the website to help reinforce reliability and security.


Client Testimonials


I’ve worked with a lot of designers throughout the years and Naresh is by far the most talented and world best UX UI freelance designer. Extremely imaginative, he was able to come up with new design approaches that breathe new life to our website. Professionalism and attention to detail make him truly one in a BILLION

Rajeev Jassal Founder & CEO

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